The Global Solidarity Fund

is a unique alliance catalyzing partnerships for the most vulnerable across the private sector, the development sector, and Catholic communities

Our new report, Together: The Global Solidarity Fund, brings our work to life, presenting concrete examples of GSF in action, catalyzing partnerships for the most vulnerable.

The photo exhibit of Talitha Kum’s work of Care Against Trafficking is now available for all to view

Photographer Lisa Kristine’s photos capture the realities addressed by the Talitha Kum Call to Action. Click the Learn More button below to view this powerful virtual photo exhibition. 

The Global Solidarity Fund at the 2022 World Economic Forum

This year GSF participated in Davos, convening faith leaders for dialogue with leaders from the private, non-profit and public sectors. The faith leaders offered perspectives that were unique and original in the Davos space, and shared successful strategies they have pursued for social inclusion of the most vulnerable, and lessons learned to ensure that a global recovery provides an economic lift for everyone across all sectors.

We foster innovative collaboration, bringing together key influencers in development and leaders across different sectors of society to advance holistic, inclusive, and sustainable human development for all.

We are inspired by the moral leadership of Pope Francis and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to build a better world, based on solidarity, charity, and equality.

Our Approach

We are pursuing three strategies:

Connect Catholic networks with partners to drive systemic change for the most vulnerable, starting with migrants, especially women and children.

Create partnerships and opportunities that further empower Catholic sisters’ leadership to shape development efforts for those in need.

Build alliances and tell the story of the Catholic Church's development contribution, including supporting its efforts to respond to COVID-19 and build a better world in its aftermath.

Our Partnerships

Together, we are unlocking new partnerships and innovation for holistic, inclusive, and sustainable human development for all.

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires all sectors of society to contribute their unique strengths. Catalyzing partnerships that include the private sector, philanthropies, international organizations, governments, Catholic communities, and men and women in religious life, the Global Solidarity Fund is fostering synergies and systemic connections to drive action for the most vulnerable.

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