At COP26, Inspired by Laudato Si’ and United for Action

12 November 2021

Photo: Dr. Lorna Gold (President, Laudato Si’ Movement Board of Directors), Reba Elliot (Director of Special Projects, Laudato Si’ Movement), Marta Guglielmetti (Executive Director, Global Solidarity Fund), and Rajiv Joshi (CEO, Bridging Ventures)


At COP26, Inspired by Laudato Si’ and United for Action

By Marta Guglielmetti

Executive Director

Global Solidarity Fund


At the Global Solidarity Fund, we are convinced that partnership on matters of global urgency must move beyond mere conversation and into concrete action.

This week GSF participated in the COP meetings at #COP26 in Glasgow. We were honored to convene and join gatherings where these actionable partnerships are emerging, at this time of heightened global urgency on the need for climate action.

Human connection and collective action is the resounding call of Pope Francis in Laudato Si’, his 2015 encyclical teaching on creation care. In Glasgow, GSF convened a dialogue with Goal 17 Partners, focused on the worldwide, intergenerational movement that has emerged from this call – the Laudato Si’ Movement, an important partner of GSF now and into the future.

At our gathering, leaders from different sectors discussed with the Laudato Si’ Movement the upcoming documentary film bringing Laudato Si’ to life, which will be released on Earth Day 2022. Through this collaboration with the Vatican, Pope Francis’ voice of leadership will motivate many to take action. The film will draw audiences into a story of unparalleled beauty and conviction, emphasizing the urgent role each of us must play to protect and care for our planet – and each other.

Marta Guglielmetti (Executive Director, Global Solidarity Fund) and Susan Myers (Strategic Advisor, Goal 17 Partners) 

The film is expected to be viewed by millions of people worldwide – in both the global north and the global south, because the Laudato Si’ message is for all of us. We discussed in depth how private sector and faith leaders can join together to ensure this powerful film reaches audiences as widely as possible upon its release in April. The Global Solidarity Fund will be part of the exploration of how to make this reach – and further action – a reality.

Later that evening, I was honored to participate in Laudato Si’ Movement’s event at the New York Times Climate Hub, where segments of the film were previewed for the first time. Representing the Vatican was Fr. Joshtrom Kureethadam, Head of the Vatican’s Ecological and Creation Office, and it was an opportunity to further discuss with him how we can all work together to implement the Laudato Si’ platform of action.

Like the Vatican and the Laudato Si’ Movement, we know that the film itself is just a beginning. We want it to reach, inspire, and mobilize people of all ages and walks of life toward ongoing, concrete action that makes a difference for our planet – immediately, and for years to come.

The sobering headlines from #COP26 have reminded us all that a challenge as fundamental as climate change requires innovation from all over the world, and collaboration across all sectors of society, coming together in action.

The Global Solidarity Fund has catalyzed this kind of innovation and collaboration – which are in our DNA – to create transformational action on other issues. Drawing on that experience, we have great hope for what we can achieve in this decisive moment – together.

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