Initiatives & Events

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Inspired by Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’, the Global Solidarity Fund is working to catalyze partnerships for our common home.
Recognizing the extraordinary service Catholic Sisters provide to vulnerable people worldwide, working alongside men religious, close to the Global Solidarity Fund’s heart is the ambition to further empower Sisters as agents of change in global development.
In October 2021, the Global Solidarity Fund gathered its leaders, partners, and other key stakeholders for several days of dialogue in Rome alongside the G20 meetings.
At Global Citizen Live on September 25, GSF pledged to raise USD $100 million to create social and economic opportunities for the most vulnerable in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Funds will be used to support people in vulnerable situations, particularly women and girls.
The “Vaccines for All” high-level roundtable, convened by the Global Solidarity Fund, provided insight on an element needed to end this pandemic: building trust in the vaccine and reaching marginalized communities through collaboration across faith communities, the private sector, and the development sector.