Susan Huber is President, Ascension Global Mission, and Senior Vice President, Ascension, a faith-based healthcare organization dedicated to transformation through innovation across the continuum of care.

Ascension Global Mission engages in international efforts to improve health and living status for poor and vulnerable populations in low resource countries through collaborating with local and global communities, including sponsoring congregations, to foster long-term, sustainable change. Ascension Global Mission seeks to develop new models of partnership with other organizations and collaborate with local communities. In addition to her work with the Global Solidarity Fund, other international efforts include:
• Collaborating with a hospital in Haiti to enable quality healthcare through nursing education; developing a supply chain initiative to create a more reliable and sustainable source of supplies and equipment; and mentoring leadership, beginning with Human Resources, to ensure a qualified staff is recruited and retained.
• Creating systemic change in Guatemala through working with local communities to develop a “Model of Collaborative Governance,” a groundbreaking concept that works alongside community leaders to amplify their voice and empower them to create sustainable change in their communities.
• Leading efforts, consistent with Pope Francis’ Laudato Si', to collaborate with accredited Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations to provide refurbished equipment and supplies to low resource countries, ensuring that donated equipment is in good working condition and consumable supplies are of good quality and not expired.