Church Support

Build alliances and tell the story of the Catholic Church's development contribution, including supporting its efforts to respond to COVID-19 and build a better world in its aftermath

The Catholic Church has long been a leader in holistic, inclusive, and sustainable human development – a story that is often overlooked. In responding to the unprecedented emergency of COVID-19, it has once again demonstrated its unique contribution to progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. As the world recovers from the economic shock of the pandemic, Pope Francis and the Catholic Church will continue to be unique voices in the international community calling other faith and development actors to work together. The Church’s role in the COVID-19 crisis and reconstruction is a vital example to share with the development community.

Through support provided directly to Pope Francis, to the Vatican COVID-19 Commission and to partners in the field, GSF has lent its support to the Church’s role in the response. Moving forward in 2020 and beyond, GSF will use its network and voice to tell the powerful story of the Catholic experience and call to action – not only in recent times, but over the long term — to the broader development community and public. We will draw from our diverse strengths to support this leadership and ensure that the Church’s unique voice and experience is shared in the global dialogue.

GSF also provides direct support for other important Church initiatives to promote development that is sustainable and inclusive, supporting its efforts to ensure development works for the benefit of all, including the most vulnerable.

If your organization has a role to play in telling this story, or supporting our work in these areas, please contact us.

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Fr. Augusto Zampini-Davies, Adjunct Secretary, Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development and Secretary of the Vatican’s COVID-19 Commission, discusses the Commission’s work.