Create partnerships and opportunities that further empower Catholic sisters’ leadership to shape development efforts for those in need

As trusted community-based leaders, experienced in collaboration to solve complex social problems, Catholic sisters work with the most vulnerable on the margins of society, and in particular they are often the most trusted partners of vulnerable women. They are on the front lines on issues such as health care, migration and human trafficking, and play an impactful role in further progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

GSF is supporting the sisters’ contributions toward the SDGs, catalyzing actions to multiply the impact of sisters’ work and their recognition as playing key roles, along with other Catholic leaders, in development. GSF is fostering collaboration with partners from the business and development communities to support sisters to contribute to development dialogues, adding their unique experience and voice.

GSF is working with the International Union of Superiors General (UISG), which represents sisters around the world. With GSF support, UISG is creating a sister-convened space for dialogue around key issues on development to effectively shape specific SDG policy discussions, while also building capacity for sisters across the global, regional, and local levels to be effective advocates on behalf of the people they serve. The project will also improve recognition for the work of sisters through increased communication and awareness, creating opportunities for the global community to understand the unique contribution of sisters to development.

As an initial effort, GSF is working with UISG to tell the compelling story of sisters’ leadership in leading community-based solutions to COVID-19.

Their experience in hard-hit communities provides important lessons to inform the global effort to ensure future development is holistic, inclusive, and sustainable.

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us to advance the work of sisters, please contact us.

You are my sister
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Learn about the work of sisters in organizing responses to COVID-19 at the community level. #YouAreMySister

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