The Talitha Kum Anti-Trafficking Network Opens The Doors to The “Nuns Healing Hearts” Photo Exhibition

July 30, 2022: World Day Against Trafficking in Persons


Today, you can access to the virtual tour with photos by Lisa Kristine.


July 29, 2022 – In honor of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, the Talitha Kum Anti-Trafficking Network will make the “Nuns Healing Hearts” photo exhibition available to all online at


The virtual tour allows visitors to view 28 shots taken by the humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine in Thailand, Italy, Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States, following Talitha Kum’s religious sisters on the ground as they work daily alongside individuals and communities victims of trafficking.


Launched by Pope Francis in 2019, the exhibition was created in collaboration with the Galileo Foundation, the project’s main sponsor, and with support from the Global Solidarity Fund.


After its inauguration at the Vatican and its exhibition in the United Nations building in New York, the exhibition was presented in Tokyo and arrived in Italy last March at the Corner MAXXI Museo delle Arti del XXI Secolo in Rome.

It is in this unique space of the Italian capital that the virtual visit of the exhibition takes place, in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian).  Clicking on each of the photos presented at the MAXXI takes you on a journey that allows you to discover the phenomenon of trafficking, the commitment of Talitha Kum, and testimonials.


“The theme chosen by the United Nations for this day is the use and abuse of technology, which draws attention to cyberspace. It is in this ‘virtual’ place that traffickers find additional tools to recruit vulnerable people and offer services performed by exploited and trafficked persons. At the same time, technologies allow us to get in touch with the victims and raise awareness about this violent reality that infringes human dignity. Talitha Kum has decided to extend its presence in the virtual space to tell the story of our experience with people injured by trafficking and to do so with respect and care. This is the meaning of the exhibition, art, and photos of Lisa Kristine. We hope that many people will visit it and use it as a tool for prevention and awareness-raising,” says Sr. Gabriella Bottani, SMC, international coordinator of Talitha Kum.


The exhibition is enriched with 7 short videos on human trafficking, organized by the International Coordination of Talitha Kum and directed by Lia Giovinazzi Beltrami of Aurora Vision.

Founded at the UISG (International Union of Superiors General), Talitha Kum coordinates 55 networks against human trafficking in 92 countries around the world. In 2021, 336,958 people were reached in all continents; of these, 258,549 benefited from prevention activities; 19,993 were victims and survivors supported by the network; 58,416 people participated in networking, training, and capacity-building activities.


The technical design of the virtual exhibition was carried out by the 4Sigma team.


For contacts:

Alessandra Tarquini +393479117177

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