Good afternoon,

It is with great enthusiasm that I greet you today, on the occasion of the UISG Advocacy Forum, the culmination of a program that UISG and the Global Solidarity Fund have envisioned and implemented together for the last 3 and a half years. I am honored to share my thoughts in this video.

Sisters Advocating Globally is a program with profound meaning for all of us.

It has been a privilege for GSF to have served as UISG’s partner on this unique, innovative, and inspirational journey. With “Sisters Advocating Globally” – I am confident we have gone in the right direction, showing and strengthening a dimension of the work that sisters all over the world, at all levels, carry out in their daily service alongside the most vulnerable.

There is no better way, therefore, to conclude this journey than with a forum: a convening moment among all the individuals and organizations involved in these years of planning, envisioning, studying, training, and daily commitment in creating the systemic changes needed for our planet and its people.

Women religious in the world are on the frontline in confronting major worldwide challenges: fighting human trafficking, accompanying people on the move, promoting sustainable development, and learning from the most vulnerable. A key step in amplifying their voices has been the growing ability to create new relationships with governments, institutions, civil society, and academic networks that, like you, work and advocate on these very topical issues.

The title of this forum invites us to reflect on leadership and development.

True leadership is about nurturing a vision, inspiring others, and fostering growth.

In our work together we have understood that the vision of leadership promoted by UISG is one that advocates for the most vulnerable in this world. It is a form of leadership that constantly strives to network with every level of the organization, to synthesize, and not be afraid to bring forth the otherwise unheard voices of the most vulnerable. This is strong and powerful leadership. It is the only one capable of bringing about the changes necessary to achieve the full development of the planet and we who inhabit it.

This vision has developed over time, We now also have three new tools for our work: two policy briefs, one on migration and one on environment and climate change, and the first call to action against human trafficking. Those documents contain clear indications and precise

recommendations for all of us, but they also address the entire Catholic Church, other religious leaders, international organizations, civil society, the private sector and academic institutions, and all those who have a role to play in bringing about the systemic change we seek.

On behalf of the Global Solidarity Fund and Ascension Global Mission, an organization founded by 5 religious Congregations, I want to take this moment to express our profound gratitude to Sister Pat and all of you, the dedicated sisters, women religious, who have made this program a reality.

Enjoy this event, and may it inspire the journey ahead.

Thank you.





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